TNL280 Tunnel Pendent Spray Nozzle

About the Reliable® TNL280 Nozzle

The Reliable® TNL280 pendent nozzle has been specifically designed to provide an extended coverage nozzle suitable for use in vehicle tunnels. Key to the design of the nozzle is a very large K-factor. The large nozzle coverage area typically results in lower installed costs by reducing the amount of material (pipe and hangers) and facilitates faster installation. By comparison, traditional tunnel nozzles — usually spaced at around 97 feet2 (9 m2)— are much more material and labor intensive. Other benefits of the very large K-factor are:
• TNL280 delivers large water droplets which are extremely effective at penetrating the fire plume of high challenge vehicle fires.
• TNL280 operates at very low pressure; typically between 7 to 20 psi (0.5 to 1.4 bar).

The TNL280 nozzle is a pendent nozzle that is used in the overhead position. Therefore, it less likely to suffer from a ‘shielded fire’ which can occur with different height vehicles. An overhead pendent layout, by design, directs water down toward the road and on top of the vehicles. Road tunnel environments can be extremely aggressive. To enhance the service life of the TNL280 nozzle, it is offered with an Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) finish, now with an anti-reflective black paint topcoat. See Reliable® Technical Bulletin 099 for complete information on the TNL280 nozzle.

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